The top 6 digital audio platforms among US teens and adults

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Spotify is the No. 1 digital audio service among US teens and adults, with 35% digital audio listeners ages 12 and older using that platform the most. YouTube Music comes in at No. 2, with 18%, while Pandora rounds out the top three at 15%.

Beyond the chart: Spotify is by far the top dog and has increased its lead in the market. Over at Google, growth is coming after consolidation.

In January 2020, Google Play Music sat at No. 6, used most often by just 7% of US digital audio listeners 12 and older. The following year, after the service was shut down and replaced with YouTube Music, the two platforms together ascended to the No. 3 spot with 14%. Since then, YouTube Music has become Alphabet’s primary digital audio platform and surpassed Pandora in popularity as it inches closer to market leader Spotify.