UK Ad Spending 2022

Social and Video Command the Spotlight as TikTok Ad Revenues Surge

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The UK digital ad market is thriving. It will grow 11.9% this year, reaching £25.84 billion ($35.54 billion). Video will be a big contributor to this growth, as will social network spending, which is being disrupted by the likes of TikTok.
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Digital ad spending is dominant in the UK, accounting for 77.2% of the total media ad market—the second-highest share worldwide, behind China. Despite a gloomy economy, we anticipate good health for the UK digital ad industry, as many segments, including social and video, will grow by double digits.


  1. How much will be spent on digital advertising in the UK this year?
  2. How have the dynamics of social network spending changed?
  3. How big is the digital video advertising opportunity, and which subcategories will benefit most?

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? Our latest estimates for digital and total media ad spending in the UK. It also features some of the biggest influences on the space, as well as how changes in video and social network spending could affect marketers.

KEY STAT: Digital ad spending will see growth of 11.9% this year—down significantly from the remarkable 36.0% surge in 2021, but a strong rise nonetheless. Growth will then slow through the end of our forecast period in 2026, when spend will approach £35 billion ($48.13 billion).

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Table of Contents

  1. Key Points
  2. Impact of the Ukraine Conflict and Market Instability
  3. Recovery in the Ad Market Continues, with Double-Digit Growth in Digital
  1. TikTok and Instagram Are Propelling Overall Social Network Ad Spending
  2. The CTV Opportunity Looks Appealing, but It’s Limited
  3. What Do These Forecasts Mean for Marketers in the UK?
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