US ad-supported Spotify listeners pass 40 million mark

The forecast: Spotify will hit 41.5 million ad-supported US listeners this year, a 9.7% increase over 2020, reflecting a greater trend of ad-supported listeners increasing their share on the predominantly subscription-based platform.

Dive deeper:

  • The rise of podcast listening on Spotify is causing ad-supported listeners to increase as a percentage of total Spotify listeners. As this trend continues, there will be just about the same number of ad-supported listeners as Premium subscribers by 2025.
  • Overall listeners will increase 10.1% this year to reach a total of 83.1 million monthly listeners, making Spotify the most-listened-to service in the US by far.
  • Next year, Spotify listeners will reach 30.0% of US internet users for the first time.

Looking ahead: Spotify will hit 52.0 million ad-supported US listeners and 52.2 million paid US listeners in 2025, totaling over 100 million.