US B2B tech ad spending increased by 50% in 2020

The forecast: B2B tech products and services, the largest sector of B2B advertising, saw a massive boost in the US as the pandemic increased demand across the tech industry. After achieving 50.3% growth in 2020 over 2019, growth will slow, but ad spending in this sector will still reach nearly $3.5 billion by year end 2021.

Dive Deeper:

  • Tech products and services is the largest B2B advertising vertical with an over 30% share of US B2B digital ad spend.
  • The sector drove a massive segment of LinkedIn's 40.2% display ad revenue growth in 2020, which is especially notable because LinkedIn is the single biggest player in B2B digital display advertising.
  • Following tech, healthcare was the second fasted growing B2B vertical in 2020 with ad spend growing by 45.8%. This, too, was a result of pandemic-driven demands, such as healthcare technology in hospitals and for remote meeting and messaging with practitioners.

Looking ahead: Tech products and services B2B ad spend will continue to grow, though not at the same mammoth rates we saw in 2020. By 2023 growth will slow to 15.9% over the previous year and hit $4.74 billion. Healthcare B2B ad spend growth will slow as well and hit $1.35 billion in 2023.