Walmart spearheads EV deliveries with Canoo pilot project

The news: Walmart is teaming up with California EV startup Canoo to use 4,500 Lifestyle Delivery Vehicles (LDVs) for delivery, ostensibly to cut emissions, per Electrek.

Fast-tracking EV-powered deliveries: Walmart is already road-testing the EV delivery vans in Dallas, Texas.

  • Canoo’s EVs have a 250-mile range and a 1,543-pound payload—ideal for bulk deliveries.
  • Its EV platform stands out for its versatility and variable applications. It’s also being tested by the US Army.
  • Walmart’s impetus for the EV shift is its zero-emissions goal by 2040
  • The EV vans slot in under the Walmart+ service, a membership program that earned Walmart $73 billion in net sales in its fiscal year 2022. 
  • If successful, Walmart has the option of buying up to 10,000 Canoo units.

Why this could succeed: Ecommerce and delivery services are two industries that flourished during the pandemic and continue to be successful.

Retail giants are leaning into EV deliveries to accelerate zero emissions at a time when customers prefer home deliveries, which could help accelerate EV adoption. 

Trendspotting: We’re seeing increased collaboration between big retail, logistics, and EV startups. UPS has partnered with Arrival, Amazon is using Rivian-made EV vans, and FedEx is using GM-supplied EV vans from its BrightDrop business unit.