Why Brands Want to Own, Not Rent, Customer Data

'It’s a data arms race'

Michael Jacobson
Manager, Advertising Data and Solutions
Chi Lo
Director, Partnerships and Platforms

Data and audiences have always been important for brands’ programmatic advertising. But today, they want direct access to enough data to understand each of their customers at the deepest level possible. eMarketer’s Lauren Fisher spoke with Michael Jacobson, manager of advertising data and solutions at reviews and personalization platform Bazaarvoice, and Chi Lo, the company’s director of partnerships and platforms, about how this trend is changing data practices in the programmatic space. Jacobson and Lo were interviewed as part of eMarketer’s April report, "US Programmatic Ad Spending Forecast 2018: Private Setups Pull Even More Ad Dollars to Automation." [Editor’s Note: Lo is no longer with Bazaarvoice.]


How is the use of data for programmatic advertising evolving?

Michael Jacobson:

When we first started our personalization data business, we pushed data segments to our clients at a demand-side platform [DSP] level. But now buyers want the data pushed to them at a data management platform [DMP] level.

Everyone wants to be able to control their own destiny. A lot of brands directly ask for our data to be put into their system so they can use it alongside their own first-party data, or third-party data sources they also buy from.

Chi Lo:

We’re noticing that both brands and agencies are also starting to create their own ID systems. They don’t want to have to thread disparate data sources. They want to have an understanding of each individual on their own basis, rather than relying on third parties to feed them that data all the time.

Interview conducted on February 1, 2018

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