Why Bring Programmatic to Traditional TV, OOH and Audio?

An interview with:
Amanda Martin
Director of Enterprise Partnerships
Goodway Group

Programmatic is now the primary mechanism for buying digital display ads in the US, and this form of automation is increasingly being extended to traditional channels such as TV, audio and out-of home (OOH).

eMarketer’s Lauren Fisher recently spoke with Amanda Martin, director of enterprise partnerships at buy-side digital partner Goodway Group about why it’s a no-brainer for programmatic buyers to bring these historically traditional media channels under the broader automation umbrella.


What advantages does programmatic offer beyond digital display?

Amanda Martin:

What [programmatic] offers is a centralized approach where media buyers aren’t just working in silos anymore. The promise of this type of a centralized approach to programmatic buying is a more holistic picture of your plan. It offers the ability to go from a more branded approach to a more audience-first model where you can look to reach the correct audience vs. hope that your message gets through.


Does buying come from the performance side, brand side or both?

Amanda Martin:

It’s both. What buyers are seeing is that audience factor. The traditional ways of buying don’t necessarily allow them to get granular enough in comparison to what programmatic offers.

In some cases, you have your "digital" folks who are driving programmatic audio. But then you also have the buckets of traditional buyers who are looking to keep ownership of their expertise. They’re not willing to sit back and just pass everything over to digital. They’re looking to expand how they’re defined and how they buy.

Interview conducted on August 2, 2018

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