Coverage Areas

Our analysts focus on five major industries: Marketing, Financial Services, Health, Tech, and Ecommerce & Retail.


Building upon 25 years of industry-leading research and experience, our Marketing coverage answers three essential questions: how consumers spend their time, how they spend their money, and what marketers are doing to reach them.

Gain actionable insights on shifting trends in consumer demographics, adoption rates, media usage patterns, mobile technology developments, social media, and ecommerce insights to understand exactly how to hone your marketing strategies and attract your ideal audience.

Financial Services

Our robust Financial Services coverage provides unbiased insight into how technology is transforming the full spectrum of financial services – from legacy banking institutions to tech-savvy startups.

With a focus on Banking, Payments, Insurance, and Wealth Management, our analysts provide context around the key trends and technological innovations shaking up how consumers and businesses manage their financial health, streamline transactions, lower barriers to entry, and drive revenue through omnichannel experiences.


Our Health coverage unpacks how healthcare, one of the last industries holding out against digital transformation, is adopting new methodologies and technologies ⁠— a trend that has only accelerated amid the coronavirus pandemic.

This coverage analyzes how technologies like AI are facilitating diagnostics, drug discovery, and digital therapeutics, as well as how providers, payers and other stakeholders across the industry are meeting patients’ demands for personalized, accessible care.


Our Technology coverage helps you understand how rapidly evolving networks and the proliferation of new technologies are poised to transform different industries.

Develop your playbook for the future with insights into topics such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation, Blockchain, Biometrics, and more.

Ecommerce & Retail

Accelerated by the pandemic, ecommerce continues to grow in every category ⁠— our research explores shifts in appliances and electronics, clothing, food and beverage, furniture, health and personal care, music and many more.

By leveraging eMarketer’s rigorous methodology and the insights of Insider Intelligence into consumer habits, Ecommerce & Retail lays out the path ahead for the next several years of retail spending.