Brick-and-Mortar KPIs.

Industry average benchmarks for B&M retail stores

While the growth in ecommerce captures the attention of many retail industry watchers, the reality is that the significant majority of consumer purchases are still made in brick-and-mortar stores. According to Insider Intelligence analysis, 83% of retail sales will occur in brick-and-mortar stores in 2022. And a growing proportion of online sales are being fulfilled in stores, with significant growth in curbside and in-store pickup. Insider Intelligence expects that click-and-collect will account for 9% of online sales in 2022.

The maturation of new measurement approaches is increasingly allowing brick-and-mortar retailers to optimize their performance over time, bringing traffic, conversion, and shopper path metrics originally created for ecommerce measurement into the brick-and-mortar domain. Retailers are excited to bring the level of analytic rigor to each shopping trip that their online counterparts take for granted.

Insider Intelligence KPIs

Why These KPIs Matter

Together, the brick-and-mortar metrics that we present allow C-level executives, as well as store operations and merchandisers, to understand whether they are gaining or losing ground in driving customers to their stores and optimizing each trip.

Retailers tend to set objectives based on their own historical performance, but external references are critical to understanding whether their performance needs to improve, regardless of improvement from prior periods. In other cases, retailers may find that their performance on a particular metric is substantially better than that of their competitors, which allows them to trumpet their strength or to invest resources elsewhere.

List of available brick-and-mortar metrics
MetricKPI SourceData SlicesGeographyCadence
Traffic change, YoYPlacer.aiBy retailer typeUSQuarterly
Traffic change, YoYRetailNextNoneUS, by regionMonthly
Sales change, YoYRetailNextNoneUSMonthly
Conversion rate change, YoYRetailNextNoneUSMonthly
Average transaction change, YoYRetailNextNoneUSMonthly
Shopper yield growth, YoYRetailNextNoneUSMonthly

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