Earned/Social Media KPIs.

Industry average benchmarks for social media

Earned media (as opposed to paid media) are brand exposures that accrue for reasons other than paid advertising. Public relations, word of mouth, customer reviews, and social media engagement are the most prominent forms of earned media. Earned media happens organically as customers respond to a brand and its efforts.

When ads are purchased on a social platform (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), this is considered paid media. But when consumers engage with a brand in some way—sharing a link, talking about the brand, reading a tweet—this falls into earned media. As such, some of our benchmarking data on Facebook and Instagram falls under our definition of paid advertising, while other key benchmarking metrics on these platforms fall in earned media.

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Why These KPIs Matter

Earned media is generally more difficult to precisely track than paid media, because it often happens in unmeasurable ways, such as word of mouth. But it has exploded in importance as the internet and social media have given fans and detractors a megaphone to share their passions and frustrations.

List of Available Earned/Social Media KPIs
MetricKPI SourceData slicesCadenceGeography
Median monthly CPCEmplifiBy industryQuarterlyWorldwide, by country/region
Monthly median CTREmplifiBy industryQuarterlyWorldwide, by country/egion
Median monthly ad spendEmplifiBy industryQuarterlyWorldwide, by country/region
Twitter engagement rateRival IQBy industryAnnualWorldwide
Twitter tweets per weekRival IQBy industryAnnualWorldwide
Facebook engagement ratesRival IQBy industryAnnualWorldwide
Facebook posts per dayRival IQBy industryAnnualWorldwide
Instagram engagement ratesRival IQBy industryAnnualWorldwide
Instagram posts per dayRival IQBy industryAnnualWorldwide
Social ad spend growthSkaiNo breakoutsQuarterlyWorldwide
Social ad impression growthSkaiNo breakoutsQuarterlyWorldwide
Social ad click growthSkaiNo breakoutsQuarterlyWorldwide
Social ad CPMSkaiNo breakoutsQuarterlyWorldwide
Social media share of referralsStatCounterBy social media site, by deviceMonthlyWorldwide, by country/region

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