Ecommerce KPIs.

Industry average benchmarks for ecommerce stores

Insider Intelligence has accumulated a rich collection of metrics benchmarking the performance of ecommerce web sites. The Industry KPIs portal contains six subcategories of ecommerce KPIs for benchmarking:

  1. Comparative growth metrics look at year-over-year changes in site traffic, order volume, and sales volume.
  2. Conversion funnel metrics look at conversion rates with data from several sources and also include metrics that contribute to conversion rates, such as shopping cart abandonment and sessions before conversion.
  3. Order dynamics look at the factors that drive order sizes up and down, including average order size, add to cart rate, discount rate, and items per order.
  4. Session engagement metrics look at a variety of measures that evaluate how actively shoppers are engaged in shopping on a site, rather than quickly passing through. Metrics such as time per session and pageviews per session are strong indicators of engagement on the site. Metrics such as bounce rate—the percentage of people who see only one page—are good indicators of home page performance and search engine optimization.
  5. Customer acquisition metrics are those that provide broad context as to how retailers bring traffic to their site, while customer retention metrics look beyond metrics from a single session, to benchmark retailers’ success driving repeat, loyal customers.
  6. Device platform benchmarks provide context for the devices (desktop, mobile, tablet) that shoppers use to buy from retailers.
Insider Intelligence KPIs

Why These KPIs Matter

Together, ecommerce benchmarks provide critical context for retailers—as well as brands selling direct-to-consumer—to assess where they need to focus their efforts given finite resources. A retailer spending significant resources to reduce its shopping cart abandonment rate, for example, could be wasting its money trying to improve a number that is already significantly better than competitors’.

List of Available Comparative Growth KPIs
MetricKPI SourceData slicesCadenceGeography
Digital commerce growthSalesforceBy retail categoryQuarterlyBy region/country
Traffic growthSalesforceBy retail categoryQuarterlyBy region/country
Order growthSalesforceBy retail category, by device typeQuarterlyBy region/country
Conversion Funnel KPIs
MetricKPI SourceData slicesCadenceGeography
Conversion rateContentsquareBy industryAnnualWorldwide
Conversion rateDynamic YieldBy deviceMonthlyWorldwide, by country/region
Conversion rateKibo CommerceBy device, by OSQuarterlyWorldwide, by country/region
Conversion rateSalesforceBy categoryQuarterlyWorldwide, by country/region
Sessions before conversionContentsquareBy industryAnnualWorldwide
Shopping cart abandonmentDynamic YieldBy device, by industryMonthlyWorldwide, by country/region
Shopping cart abandonmentSalesforceBy category, by deviceQuarterlyWorldwide, by country/region
Session Engagement KPIs
MetricKPI SourceData slicesCadenceGeography
Bounce rateContentsquareBy device, by industryAnnualWorldwide
Content unseen rateContentsquareBy industryAnnualWorldwide
Pageviews per sessionContentsquareBy industryAnnualWorldwide
Pageviews per sessionKibo CommerceBy device, by OSQuarterlyWorldwide, by country/region
Device Platform KPIs
MetricKPI SourceData slicesCadenceGeography
Traffic shareContentsquareBy device, by industryAnnualWorldwide
Traffic shareSalesforceBy device, by categoryQuarterlyWorldwide, by country/region
Order shareSalesforceBy device, by categoryQuarterlyWorldwide, by country/region
Order Dynamics KPIs
MetricKPI SourceData slicesCadenceGeography
Average order valueDynamic YieldBy industryMonthlyWorldwide, by country/region
Average order valueSalesforceBy categoryQuarterlyWorldwide, by country/region
Average order valueKibo CommerceBy acquisition channel, by deviceQuarterlyWorldwide, by country/region
Add-to-cart rateDynamic YieldBy industryMonthlyWorldwide, by country/region
Add-to cart-rateKibo CommerceBy device, by OSQuarterlyWorldwide, by country/region
Units per transactionDynamic YieldBy device, by industryMonthlyWorldwide, by country/region
Average discount rateSalesforceBy categoryQuarterlyWorldwide, by country/region

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