Email and SMS Marketing KPIs.

Industry average benchmarks for email and SMS marketing

Email marketing has long been viewed by retailers as the most important “free” method of driving sales to past shoppers, as well as to those who allow email marketing messages who may not have previously purchased. While the costs of sending each email are arguably close to zero, there are many costs involved in executing email campaigns well—from designing and testing the offer and creative, to setting and testing targeting criteria, to optimizing campaigns in flight. More recently, SMS has been emerging as a key communication tool to those who have opted in to receiving those messages, whether those messages are promotional or informational in nature.

Insider Intelligence KPIs

Why These KPIs Matter

With both email and SMS marketing, brands strike a delicate balance between maximizing revenue and staying within thresholds that consumers deem appropriate for the volume and content of messages. Striking the right balance cannot be done in isolation—consumer expectations for email and SMS marketing are set by the broader competitive landscape. As such, benchmarking against competitors is critical for brands looking to maximize success while avoiding the dreaded unsubscribe.

List of Available Email and SMS Marketing KPIs
MetricKPI SourceData slicesCadenceGeography
Email open rateOmnisendBy email campaign typeAnnualWorldwide
Email open rateKlaviyoBy industryAnnualUS
Email click-to-openCampaign MonitorBy industryAnnualUS
Click through rateCampaign MonitorBy industryAnnualUS
Monthly click through rateKlaviyoBy industryAnnualUS
Email campaign conversion rateKlaviyoBy industryAnnualUS
Email conversion rateOmnisendBy email campaign typeAnnualWorldwide
Email bounce rateCampaign MonitorBy industryAnnualUS
SMS click ratesOmnisendNo breakoutsAnnualWorldwide
SMS conversion ratesOmnisendNo breakoutsAnnualWorldwide

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