Search Marketing KPIs.

Industry average benchmarks for search marketing

Search Advertising is the second largest category of advertising after Display Advertising. In the US, Insider Intelligence expects that Search Advertising spending will reach $97 billion in 2022, compared with $137 billion in Display Ad spending. Search continues to be the customer acquisition channel that delivers the most targeted audiences with specific purchase intent, but its costs per click and costs per acquisition are among the highest in global advertising.

Insider Intelligence KPIs

Why These KPIs Matter

Because Search Advertising occurs in a live, competitive auction market with a robust set of technology vendors and agencies, there is intense pressure on search advertisers to bid ever higher and smarter to ensure that their ads are seen by searchers. It is critical that search advertisers understand the broader context around the performance of their own search campaigns by benchmarking their results with the broader market and within their own product categories.

List of Available Search Marketing KPIs
MetricKPI SourceData slicesCadenceGeography
Paid search click growthMerkleGoogle vs. overallQuarterlyUS
Paid search click growthSkaiNo breakoutsQuarterlyWorldwide
Paid search CPC growthMerkleGoogle vs. overallQuarterlyUS
Paid search ad spend growthMerkleGoogle vs. overallQuarterlyUS
Paid search ad spend growthSkaiNo breakoutsQuarterlyWorldwide
Paid search ad click-through-rateSkaiNo breakoutsQuarterlyWorldwide
Paid search ad impression growthSkaiNo breakoutsQuarterlyWorldwide
Paid search click-through-rate growthSkaiNo breakoutsQuarterlyWorldwide
Search referral shareStatcounterBy browserMonthlyWorldwide, by country/region

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