Source Profile: Campaign Monitor.

Campaign Monitor is a marketing service technology provider focused on building, automating, analyzing, and optimizing email campaigns to be delivered online and via mobile devices. It focuses principally on small-to-medium sized businesses across a wide variety of industries, including retail, automotive, financial services, travel, and others. Campaign Monitor delivers email to customers in 171 countries.

Insider Intelligence Metric

We value Campaign Monitor’s quarterly granularity, recency (the latest data covers 2021), and breakout of a wide breadth of categories in addition to retail.

Methodology Behind the KPIs

In its analysis of 2021 email campaigns across its customer base, Campaign Monitor looked at the results of 100 billion emails cut by 21 industries. Campaign Monitor cautions that changes from Apple in 2021—with the release of iOS 15—will inflate open rates for all email marketers, as Apple users adopt Mail Privacy Protection (MPP), which precludes marketers’ ability to see whether emails were opened or not. As such, time series comparisons will become less reliable as indicators of campaign performance.

KPIs in the Portal

CategoryKPIKPI Definition
Email and SMS Marketing KPIsEmail bounce ratePercent of emails that could not be delivered due to server or spam issues
Email and SMS Marketing KPIsEmail click rateThe percent of emails that elicit a click from the recipient
Email and SMS Marketing KPIsEmail click-to-open rateThe percent of opened emails that elicit a click from the recipient

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