Source Profile: Contentsquare.

Contentsquare is a web analytics company, focused on working with retailers in desktop and mobile environments.

We value Contentsquare’s rich offering of metrics, which include widely reported metrics (conversion rate and bounce rate, for example), as well as some rarely reported benchmarks, such as Content unseen rate.

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Methodology Behind the KPIs

Contentsquare analyzed data from more than 900 global brands (principally retailers and brands) during 2020, studying interactions on desktop, mobile, tablet, and mobile apps. Its client base is significant, including both small and large brands.

KPIs in the Portal

CategoryKPIKPI Definition
Ecommerce KPIsAcquisition sourcesThe share of visits to retail sites by acquisition source (social, email, search, direct-to-site, etc.)
Ecommerce KPIsBounce rateThe percent of site visits that that are abandoned after one pageview
Ecommerce KPIsContent unseen rateThe percent of pages that are unseen by at least 95%of site visitors
Ecommerce KPIsConversion rateThe percent of visits that end with a purchase
Ecommerce KPIsPageviews per sessionThe average number of pages viewed per session
Ecommerce KPIsTraffic share by devicePercent of visits to the site, by desktop, mobile, and tablet
Ecommerce KPIsSessions before conversionThe average number of sessions that occur on retail websites before a purchase is made (only among those who purchase)

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