Source Profile: Kibo Commerce.

Kibo Commerce is an ecommerce platform player, offering retailers core ecommerce functionality, personalization, and fulfillment solutions. Its customers range from midsize to large retailers.

We like the quarterly granularity of Kibo’s data, recency, and cuts of metrics by region, operating system, device type, and acquisition source.

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Methodology Behind the KPIs

Kibo collected and aggregated data from billions of sessions across more than 250 customers on a quarterly basis. Kibo’s customer base provides good benchmarks for mid-to-large retailers, with regional data cuts for the US, Europe, and UK.

KPIs in the Portal

Category KPI KPI Definition
Ecommerce KPIs Add-to-cart rate The percentage of site visitors who add at least one item to their cart (but don’t necessarily purchase)
Ecommerce KPIs Average order value Total dollars divided by orders
Ecommerce KPIs Average transactions per user Transactions divided by users (including buyers and non-buyers)
Ecommerce KPIs Cart abandonment rate The percentage of shopping carts (with at least one item) where a purchase is not made—Kibo does not specify how long carts can be open before they become abandoned.
Ecommerce KPIs Conversion rate The percentage of sessions that result in a purchase

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