Source Profile: Moat.

Moat, part of Oracle, provides measurement of video, display, and mobile ad campaigns. On behalf of both advertisers and publishers, it measures audience reach within each channel and across channels and verifies that ads are delivered to advertiser specifications for its clients’ campaigns, answering such questions as:

To what extent were my ads legitimately delivered and seen by people, not bots?

Were my ads placed next to content that I deem offensive?

What was the unduplicated reach of my campaign, whether it ran on one device type or many device types?

To what extent did people who viewed a page with my ad actually see the ad?

To what extent were ads embedded in video content seen?

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We value Moat’s data because of its MRC accreditation (and corresponding transparency), broad representation of large advertisers, quarterly granularity, and breakouts by device type.

Methodology Behind the KPIs

Working on behalf of agencies, advertisers, and publishers, Moat’s clients embed tracking mechanisms in video, mobile, and display ads to allow Moat to provide consistent reporting across its client base. Moat is accredited by the Media Ratings Council (MRC), the leading accreditation organization in the media and advertising industry for measurement of media and advertising. Moat has a large client base that cuts across a wide array of industries, offering a broad representation of the overall digital advertising ecosystem.

According to Moat, this data is “based upon billions of display, mobile, native and video impressions served daily on connected TV, desktop, smartphone and tablet (in-app and browser), primarily in the UK and US. Moat has a significant portion of the top 100 publishers as clients across various industries.”

KPIs in the Portal

Metrics from Moat on the Portal are quarterly, go back to 2019, and are broken out by US and Worldwide markets (largely composed of US and UK impressions). The metrics were last updated with data from Q2 2021. Below are the specific metrics on the Portal:

CategoryKPIKPI Definition
Display/ProgrammaticPage dwell timeFrom Moat: “The average length of time that a user was on the page with the window in-focus.”
Display/ProgrammaticFully on-screen rateFrom Moat: “Percentage of impressions where the ad surface was 100% on screen for any period of time.”
Display/ProgrammaticIn-view ratesFrom Moat: “Percentage of impressions where at least 50% of an ad was in-view for at least one continuous second.”
Display/ProgrammaticIn-view timeThe length of time an ad has been active and in-view
Display/ProgrammaticScroll rateThe percentage of impressions where the user scrolled

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