Source Profile: is a location analytics company that collects geolocation data from mobile devices enabled to share data in anonymized fashion. It supports clients’ needs to measure store traffic and the results of marketing campaigns intended to drive store traffic. Placer’s clients span restaurant, hospitality, retail, property management companies, and real estate investors.

Insider Intelligence Metric

We value’s methodology, which allows it to passively collect data from all shoppers’ activities before and after they enter a store, which provides a broader perspective on consumer trip behavior. We also like the fact that data is presented with monthly granularity, is frequently updated, and provides slices of store traffic data broken out for overall retail, grocery, and superstores.

Methodology Behind the KPIs

App company partners provide their anonymized data to, which then aggregates this data and provides analytics for the app companies’ clients. Placer’s data analyzes over 1.5 billion monthly visitors across 20 million devices and more than 13 million venues, in partnership with more than 500 mobile apps.

KPIs in the Portal

CategoryKPIKPI Definition
Brick-and-Mortar KPIsFoot traffic growthYear-over-year reporting of foot traffic to retailers across the US

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