Source Profile: Pubmatic.

Pubmatic is a software company that allows online publishers to sell their ad inventory programmatically. Pubmatic’s business skews toward mobile web and apps, but also includes desktop web. Clients include a diverse array of large and small publishers, which sell to a wide variety of brands. It is a publicly traded company founded in 2006.

Insider Intelligence Metric

We like the depth and breadth of observations across brands that Pubmatic is able to track because of its position supporting publishers, which collectively sell to large and small brands.

Methodology Behind the KPIs

Pubmatic tracks over 15 trillion bids on a monthly basis across its client base, which allows it to provide reporting, by industry, on the year-over-year changes in ad spending at a macro level.

KPIs in the Portal

CategoryKPIKPI Definition
Display and Programmatic Advertising KPIsProgrammatic YoY Ad Spend Growth by IndustryYear-over-year quarterly ad spend growth, Q4 2020 is a quarter-over-quarter comparison

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