Source Profile: Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the result of Salesforce’s acquisition of DemandWare, an enterprise level cloud-based ecommerce platform, serving medium-to-large online retailers.

We like the significant sample size behind Salesforce’s data, quarterly granularity, granular category definitions, and the rich array of benchmarking metrics that it provides.

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Methodology Behind the KPIs

Salesforce Commerce Cloud publishes periodic updates of aggregate client results, across 1 billion shoppers and 22 billion shopping sessions. Metrics are sliced and diced by retail category and by device type, with quarterly granularity.

KPIs in the Portal

Category KPI KPI Definition
Ecommerce KPIs Average discount rate The share of an order amount that was reduced due to merchandise or other discounts. Does not include product markdowns or reductions in shipping costs.
Ecommerce KPIs Average order value Revenue divided by purchases
Ecommerce KPIs Average spend per visit Revenue divided by site visits
Ecommerce KPIs Average conversion rate Purchases divided by sessions
Ecommerce KPIs Digital commerce growth Year-to-year growth in revenue, by retail category
Ecommerce KPIs Order growth Year-to-year growth in orders, by retail category
Ecommerce KPIs Traffic share Breakout of category traffic that visits retailers via mobile, desktop and tablet
Ecommerce KPIs Order share Share of ecommerce orders by device type, sliced by retail category
Ecommerce KPIs Shopping cart abandonment rate The percent of shopping carts started that did not lead to purchase
Ecommerce KPIs Social traffic share The percent of site traffic from social platforms, by device type, by retail category
Ecommerce KPIs Traffic growth Year-to-year growth in site traffic, by device type and retail category

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