Desktop/Laptop Ad Spending per Hour Spent with Desktop/Laptop Internet, per Person in South Korea

Desktop/laptop ad spending per hour spent with desktop/laptop internet, per person (dollars)Maximum of two rows can be charted.
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Source: eMarketer

Note: All years converted to US dollars using average 2021 exchange rates; ages 18+; includes display (banners/static display, rich media, sponsorships and video) and search (contextual text links, paid inclusion and paid listings)

Methodology: Estimates of average time spent with media are based on the total adult population in South Korea according to US Census Bureau 2017 data, not the number of users of each medium. Ad spending estimates are based on the analysis of various elements related to the ad spending market, including macro-level economic conditions; historical trends of the advertising market; historical trends of each medium in relation to other media; reported revenues from major ad publishers; estimates from other research firms; data from benchmark sources; consumer media consumption trends; consumer device usage trends; and eMarketer interviews with executives at ad agencies, brands, media publishers and other industry leaders.

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