Video Ad Clickthrough Rates (CTR), by by Device & Format, Worldwide

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Source: Innovid

Note: represents activity on the Innovid platform, broader industry metrics may vary

Additional Note: clickthrough rate = the percentage of time that a user clicks on the ad to be directed to a new web page outside of the video ad, divided by the total impressions served; custom interactive includes interactive elements to keep the user engaged and active within the video itself; clickthrough interactive includes elements that encourages the user to click through to a new web page independent of the ad

Methodology: Data is from an April 2020 Innovid report titled "Global Video Benchmarks." Data is based on hundreds billions of impressions from thousands of digital video campaigns served via connected TVs (Apple TV, game consoles, Roku, smart TVs, etc.), desktops, smartphones and tablets (in-app and browser) worldwide during 2019. Innovid is a video marketing platform that delivers interactive addressable video ad formats.

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