Average Time Spent per Day with Digital Audio by US Adult Digital Audio Users

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Source: eMarketer

Note: ages 18+; internet users who listen to music or other audio content (i.e., podcasts) via digital stream or direct download on any device at least once per month; includes all time spent listening to digital audio via any device; digital audio includes music/other audio content delivered within a website or app (e.g., AM/FM online streams), podcasts (streamed or downloaded), online radio stations, and streaming services; excludes other downloaded audio files (e.g., music MP3s) and digital terrestrial/satellite radio services that are delivered over the air

Additional Note: Time spent with each medium includes multitasking; for example, 1 hour of multitasking on a smartphone while watching TV is counted as 1 hour for smartphone and 1 hour for TV. Figures are rounded to the nearest minute. Estimates of average time spent with media are based on the number of users of each medium.

Methodology: Estimates are based on the analysis of estimates from other research firms, consumer media consumption, device adoption trends, company reports, primary research and interviews.

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