The US’ biggest retail companies bring in billions of dollars each year. And pandemic-induced lockdowns and social distancing precautions pushed consumers to try new shopping technologies. 

The rapid adoption of ecommerce will continue throughout the next few years, and it’s accelerating sales in every category. Amazon, Walmart, and eBay took the top three spots for ecommerce sales last year—though Amazon took a commanding lead. The tech giant raked in more US ecommerce sales than the next 9 biggest US etailers combined. 

Below is a list of the top 10 biggest retail companies in the US, by ecommerce sales: 

Amazon $386.40 billion

Walmart $67.30 billion

eBay $40.47 billion

Apple $35.30 billion

The Home Depot $21.42 billion

Target $18.64 billion

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Best Buy $18.11 billion

Costco $15.29 billion

The Kroger Co. $15.13 billion

Wayfair $14.16 billion