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  1. As the economy’s backbone, truckers deserve better payment solutions: Uber Freight, Marqeta, and Branch discuss the lack of digital transaction offerings in the trucking industry and how this affects the wider economy—and how they’ll fix it. 

Topic: It often takes truckers 60–90 days for a trucker to get paid, and pain points in the industry, coupled with an aging workforce, are compounding global supply chain disruptions.

  1. Open banking opens doors for payments processes: Mastercard exec Jess Turner and Lendio CEO Brock Blake talk about the potential for open banking to seamlessly integrate a range of financial services. 

Topic: The US doesn’t have the same regulatory clarity when it comes to open banking as countries like the UK, but that hasn’t stopped companies from using the tech to usher in a “global revolution in data.” 

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  1. Let’s get real about financial services scalability and consistency: Nium co-founder and CEO Prajit Nanu discusses the company’s goal of becoming the McDonald’s of financial services and why scalability and consistency are critical. 

Topic: Nanu covers everything from cross border payments to cryptocurrencies—and why “suffering as a service” has been such a successful business model.