Digital payments are sweeping across the US—transforming market dynamics, payment methods, and business strategies. To maintain revenue growth, providers are chasing new verticals, standing up omnichannel solutions, and reshaping their products from the front- to back-end.

This webinar contains insights from the annual Insider Intelligence report, The Payments Ecosystem.

Watch this discussion to:

  • Use Insider Intelligence forecasts to show how consumer and business payment trends are changing, and discuss what that means for leading providers honing their approaches.
  • Share factors shaping core industry segments, including the payments purchasing chain, the point-of-sale, payment methods and funding instruments, and payment flows.
  • Examine how key trends shape different industry segments, highlight best practices, and discuss what cutting edge payment providers are thinking about in 2022.


  • David Morris, Principal Analyst, Financial Services/Payments & Commerce
  • Jaime Toplin, Senior Analyst, Financial Services/Payments & Commerce