Executive Preview

The pandemic reshaped consumer expectations about the omnichannel shopping journey, which is now often mediated by a retailer’s mobile app. This report ranks the retail apps of 10 leading multicategory US retailers, rating 31 features based on a consumer survey.

What’s in the full report?

The full “US Retail Mobile App Features Benchmark 2022” report contains an analysis of the most in-demand retail mobile app features, informing app development in five key areas. It also includes a ranking of 10 leading multicategory retailers based on their apps’ features, weighted according to survey data.

3 questions the full report answers: 

  1. What are the most important retail mobile app features that retailers can offer?
  2. Which retail mobile app features do consumers value most, both overall and within key feature categories?
  3. What features do the 10 largest multicategory retailers’ apps offer, and how do they compare in five key feature categories?

What are some key takeaways from the report?

  • Four of the five most valued app features connect the physical and digital shopping experience. Consumers now expect fast, easy, and frictionless omnichannel interactions with retailers.
  • We predict US mcommerce sales will rise by more than $250 billion over the next five years, growing to $688.85 billion in 2026. By then, mcommerce will account for more than 40% of US ecommerce retail sales.

Who is this report for, and why do you need it?

This report is critical for leaders at any retailer that is currently offering or considering launching a mobile app.

Mobile apps are increasingly important for retailers, not only to facilitate ecommerce, but also as a tool for in-store experiences. When executed properly, mobile apps ensure shoppers receive a seamless, quick, and convenient experience across commerce channels.

Our “US Retail Mobile App Features Benchmark 2022” report helps retailers shape their mobile app strategy by detailing which retail app features consumers value most, as well as how these features stack up across popular lifestyle consumer brands.