Black lives matter.

Police brutality, racial injustice, and what happens in many communities on a daily basis is wrong. What's gone on in our country has persisted for too long.

Naming the problem out loud is important, and while words matter even more essential is the need for us to take action to help bring about positive change.

Here are the first steps we’re taking at Insider Intelligence:

  • Recruitment and promotions. As a newly-formed company, we are able to build a fresh foundation for how we handle talent search and promotions. We will establish clear criteria for employment and advancement with the express purpose of mitigating bias and barriers to success. Additionally, all employees will be required to attend periodic and ongoing unconscious bias and interview training.
  • Inclusion Council. Our Inclusion Council is an employee-led resource group providing a platform to our Black employees, as well as other employees of color, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and other historically under-represented groups. We are committing new funding to the Council and will create a formal partnership with our executive team to ensure that good ideas lead to action.
  • Products. The strength of our research methodology comes from the diversity and breadth of the sources we rely on. Building on our methodology, we will partner with industry groups that have a mission of amplifying diverse voices. In addition, we have already begun the first regular audit of our editorial guidelines for inclusive demographic terminology.

At Insider Intelligence we value getting “better every day.” This means acting with urgency to improve what we can, as quickly as we can. The steps outlined above are only the beginning. We know that we are far from perfect and that we’ll make mistakes along the way, but at the highest levels of the company we are committed to driving positive change through action.

An important part of this commitment is listening to you about how we might do better. To share your feedback or suggestions, please let us know at