Payments and Commerce Briefing

On the Road @ Money 20/20

Money 20/20’s return to an in-person event this year will be massive – so big, in fact, that it’ll be impossible for you to attend every session you’d want.

Whether you need to keep your team updated on what’s happening or just need an impressive key takeaway for your next meeting, we’ve got you covered with a special edition of our Payments & Commerce Briefing called On the Road @ Money 20/20.

This briefing will contain all the conference review and analysis you’ll need, including:

Daily summaries and our takeaways from the main sessions

Exclusive interviews with keynote speakers about their sessions

An end-of-conference brief summarizing the full event and our key takeaways

Insider Intelligence excels at timely and relevant research, and we’re applying that approach to Money 20/20 this year.