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eMarketer Introduces PRO View to Help Global Marketers Analyze, Benchmark and Evaluate Across Markets More Easily

New User Experience Aligns Worldwide Forecasts and Insights on Key Global Topics at the Same Time, in the Same Place

March 25, 2019 (New York, NY) – eMarketer, an Axel Springer company, today announced the introduction of PRO View, a new user experience that brings our global marketing forecasts and analysis into a single, unified view to help clients analyze, benchmark and evaluate across markets more easily. The standalone module within eMarketer PRO gives clients another way to view and explore key digital marketing topics that empower them to act locally while thinking globally.

“We are excited to introduce PRO View to help global marketers analyze their digital efforts in a more holistic way across markets,” said Geoff Ramsey, eMarketer’s co-founder and chief content officer. “Our clients have told us that they rely on our forecasts and insights to make important decisions, but want to be able to make those decisions across a number of dimensions at once. Better alignment of eMarketer content means clients can confidently put their investments against the right ad formats, targeting the most valuable users, in the most promising growth markets.”

What is PRO View?
PRO View is a new user experience within eMarketer PRO that brings all of our forecasts, reports, and analysis on a topic into a unified view to make cross-market analysis more friendly for our users. It is an additive experience that will not disrupt any of your existing workflows in eMarketer PRO.

What does PRO View help me do?

PRO View helps users quickly and easily make cross-market comparisons for the purposes of benchmarking, analyzing and evaluating more efficiently. Previously, forecasts and reports on major industry topics occurred on an ad hoc schedule throughout the year. This new, unified view helps clients comprehensively evaluate our forecasts all at once in order to gain more context and make better business decisions.

What is included in each PRO View set?

The PRO View set of reports focus on eight key forecasts throughout the year and include a global overview report along with individual reports by country, platform, industry or demographic.

2019 PRO View Schedule

  • Digital Ad Spending by Region (March)
  • Time Spent with Media (May)
  • Ecommerce (June)
  • Digital Ad Spending by Industry (July)
  • Consumer Attitudes Toward Advertising (August)
  • Video (September)
  • Programmatic (October)
  • Mobile Payments (November)
  • Social Users (December)

2019 Worldwide Digital Ad Spending Debuts Later This Week

On Thursday, March 28, eMarketer will publish its inaugural PRO View for the 2019 Worldwide Digital Ad Spending. This set of reports includes a global overview of digital ad spending, plus in-depth reports for the US, Canada, China, France, Germany, the UK and Latin America.

Clients will get a detailed understanding of which digital ad markets are growing fastest and why, and cross-market comparisons highlighting:

  • Digital advertising market size and growth trends
  • Digital ad spend as a percentage of total media spending
  • Economic and marketing trends shaping ad spending decisions
  • The leading digital ad sellers
  • The largest and fastest-gaining digital ad formats

eMarketer’s Live Analyst Series

Subscribers interested in getting exclusive perspective on factors driving these trends can join us for eMarketer’s Live Analyst Series, where analysts will bring to life the latest eMarketer data and analysis. Clients can provide their entire global employee base direct access to eMarketer analysts to get their insights and answer the most pressing questions on the most significant developments in digital marketing and advertising.

About eMarketer

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Posted on March 25, 2019.