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eMarketer in the News: July 20, 2012

The New York Times – Yahoo Data Shows Depth of Challenge Mayer Faces
July 17, 2012: “Bringing in Marissa Mayer gets people’s attention,” said David Hallerman, a principal analyst at eMarketer. “The sheer attention that they are getting because of hiring her will be helpful for a while. But it will only carry them so far,” he warned. Read more.

The New York Times – As Google Changes, Its Revenue Keeps Rising
July 19, 2012: Google dominates mobile advertising with 95 percent market share for search ads and 52 percent market share for all types of mobile ads, according to eMarketer. The number of paid clicks on Google ads increased 42 percent over last year. Read more.

The Financial Times – AOL Comes Out Fighting Against Skeptics
July 16, 2012: But AOL has lost share in the market for display ads, according to research firm eMarketer. Traffic to AOL sites was down 4 per cent in May to 110m unique US visitors, according to ComScore. AOL reports second-quarter earnings July 25. Read more.

The Financial Times – Yahoo Hires Google’s Mayer as Chief
July 16, 2012: Yahoo’s share of the US online advertising business is expected to drop to 7.4 per cent this year, less than half its level in 2009, according to forecaster eMarketer. Traffic to Yahoo’s websites in the US fell 11.3 per cent in the year to May, according to ComScore. Read more.

The Economist – Googling a New Boss
July 21, 2012: he firm’s share of online-ad revenues in America has also plummeted, falling from 15.7% in 2009 to 9.5% in 2011, according to eMarketer, a research firm. Read more.

Advertising Age – Yahoo Profit Beats Estimates as Mayer Begins as Chief Executive
July 17, 2012: Yahoo’s share of U.S. spending on display ads is expected to fall to 9.1% this year from 11% in 2011, trailing Google and Facebook, according to eMarketer. Read more.

Advertising Age – Mobile Marketing Lags in China, World’s Biggest Cellphone Market
July 18, 2012: Yet marketers barely consider mobile media as a way to build brands in China. The medium’s share of total ad spend in China is about 1.5%, according to eMarketer. Read more.

USA Today – Yahoo gets new CEO: Well-Respected Google Exec Marissa Mayer
July 17, 2012: Yahoo’s slice of the nearly $40 billion U.S. online ad market — 16% in 2009 — was 9.5% in 2011 and could slide to 7.4% this year, according to eMarketer. Read more.

TIME – Intel’s Earnings Warning is an Ominous Sign for the Tech Sector
July 18, 2012: Should it introduce new mobile products under Ms. Mayer, Yahoo will again face a market dominated by Google. According to eMarketer, Google held 51.7 percent of the $1.45 billion in total mobile advertising spending in the United States last year. Read more.

Bloomberg – Google Sales Surge On Motorola Mobility, Growth In Ad Clicks
July 20, 2012: The company is also pushing into display advertising, which includes graphical banner ads, on desktops. Google is expected to grab 16.5 percent of the U.S. market this year, trailing No. 1 Facebook Inc. (FB), which should have 16.8 percent, according to eMarketer. Google will assume the top spot next year with a 20 percent share, eMarketer projects. Read more.

Bloomberg – Yahoo’s Unchanged Sales Reflect Challenge Facing New CEO Mayer
July 18, 2012: Yahoo’s share of U.S. spending on display ads will fall to 9.1 percent this year from 11 percent in 2011, trailing Google and Facebook, according to eMarketer. Read more.

Businessweek – Help Us, Marissa Mayer. You’re Our Only Hope
July 18, 2012: Yahoo’s share of overall online ad revenue in the U.S., which peaked at 15.7 percent in 2009, is dropping like an anvil and hit 9.5 percent last year, according to research firm eMarketer. Read more.

Internet Retailer – Twitter Rolls Out Targeted Tweets
July 19, 2012: The move is the latest effort by Twitter to bolster its advertising revenue, which is estimated to hit $259.9 million this year, according to research firm eMarketer. Earlier this year, for example, it rolled out mobile ads. Read more.

Forbes – The Tyranny of the OR’ For Social Media Marketing
July 17, 2012: Last year, eMarketer estimated that Facebook’s revenue from advertising was $3.8 billion and that could be $5.2 billion in 2012. Almost 40% of small businesses that sell on Facebook say it is their sole sales channel. Ignoring what your competition does is sure to limit your business longevity. Read more.

Posted on July 20, 2012.