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Infographic: How eMarketer Created Its 2015 US Mobile Advertising Forecast

Given that eMarketer is cited often in the media about advertising spending, you might be curious: How does eMarketer create its forecasts? What’s the methodology? How do eMarketer’s estimates differ from those of other research groups, and why do major advertisers, media buyers and agencies rely on them?

The short answer is that eMarketer analyzes figures collected from many research sources to develop its forecasting models. This means that our clients are able to make decisions based on estimates that take into account all the available research perspectives and data sets about a topic, rather than place bets based on numbers that solely represent one analyst’s or research company’s opinion.

Here’s an example. Simply to create the eMarketer estimate for US mobile advertising spending in 2015, eMarketer collected and analyzed more than 400 data points from over a hundred research sources, building multiple models for companies, ad formats and overall market size. The infographic below illustrates this process more deeply.

Moble Advertising Forecast

Posted on November 2, 2015.