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Insider Intelligence Now Offers Direct Access to Leading Industry Analysts

Analyst Access Program provides objective forecasts and data-backed viewpoints on key market trends


NEW YORK, January 12, 2023 — Insider Intelligence, a leading digital research provider, today announced the launch of its Analyst Access Program, offering direct access to expert analysts who can explain key market trends, identify emerging innovations, and explore potential new revenue streams. The program can enhance business strategies to create clear plans for profitable sales and growth, and provides a powerful new tool to help achieve executive buy-in.

“As we continue to face an increasingly uncertain economic outlook, business leaders now more than ever need clear, data-backed analysis to navigate the shifts and complexities of their industries,” said Steve Dodman, Chief Sales Officer at Insider Intelligence.“The Analyst Access Program can be a critically useful resource to help guide business decision-making.”

The program launches with access to industry analysts including Andrew Lipsman, principal retail and ecommerce analyst covering retail media, and Tiffani Montez, principal banking analyst who covers financial services. The Analyst Access Program will continue to expand its coverage areas this year.

“The emergence of retail media is a game-changer in the digital advertising space,” said Zia Daniell Wigder, Chief Content Officer at Insider Intelligence. “The digital advertising market is developing even faster than search and social before it, so clients must be prepared to seize the real-time opportunities that retail media provides for their businesses.”

Lipsman, known for his industry-leading research and accurate predictions on the rise of retail media, will present at the National Retail Federation conference this month in New York. 

“Retail media — which uses first-party data for targeting and closed-loop measurement — has emerged as the third big wave in digital advertising,” said Lipsman. “The $40 billion industry has primarily been driven by sponsored search ads on ecommerce sites, and while it has seen dramatic growth its future is even brighter. The retail media networks that have successfully expanded into streaming TV ads, offline sales attribution, and in-store retail media have the potential to join Amazon and Walmart in boasting high-margin billion-dollar ad businesses.”

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Steve Severinghaus


Posted on January 12, 2023.