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US Twitter usage will peak in 2021

The platform will lose more than 1 million US users by 2025


December 1, 2021 (New York, NY) – Amid the pandemic and 2020 presidential election, people in the US flocked to Twitter to stay informed, giving the platform its biggest percentage-point increase in US users in five years. However, Twitter will not sustain such growth. According to our latest eMarketer forecast on social network users, Twitter’s US monthly users will peak in 2021 at 56.4 million and begin to slowly decline over the coming years.

In 2020, Twitter’s US user base grew by 4.1% to 56.0 million users. That’s the highest growth since a jump in 2015 of 4.2%. By the end of 2021, growth will have returned to a more pre-pandemic rate of 0.8%.

“Twitter’s challenge now is to retain the users it gained during the pandemic,” said Jasmine Enberg, eMarketer senior analyst at Insider Intelligence. “The company has been steadily rolling out new features from subscriptions to live audio and even a live shopping event to keep users engaged and coming back to the platform.”

Through the end of 2025, we expect Twitter to lose 1.1 million US users. The 35-to-44 age group will drop the most, by about 500,000 between now and the end of 2025. Those 65 and older are the only age group that will see a slight uptick in users during that time frame. All other age groups will drop slightly or remain the same.

Twitter is making several changes to the platform, which it hopes will reverse the trend.

“Of all the new features Twitter is trying out, subscriptions are likely to be the most successful,” Enberg said. “It’s a good match for Twitter’s power users, who follow news and entertainment. It’s also a way for creators and publishers to showcase more of their content on Twitter and make money.”

Twitter’s US ad business, meanwhile, will grow by 38.5% this year to reach $2.35 billion, after lackluster growth of 5.8% in 2020. Its share of the US digital ad market, just 1.1%, will remain stable, increasing to 1.2% next year.


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Posted on December 3, 2021.