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2023 will be a pivotal year for the US B2B digital ad market as spending approaches $15 billion. To prepare you for the year ahead and beyond, Insider Intelligence has curated The B2B Bundle, a selection of research reports that analyze the industry from multiple perspectives.

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  • A Blueprint with 13 Case Studies for Building, Maintaining, and Evolving a Strong Brand
    • Why is branding important for B2Bs?
    • Who are the stakeholders in a B2B branding exercise?
    • What is brand differentiation?
    • What metrics should be used to assess brand health?
  • What B2B CMOs Need to Know About Content Marketing
    • Why do B2B CMOs need to make content marketing a priority?
  • The Pivot to Digital Is Permanent with Growth, Transformation, and Inflection Ahead for the Market
    • Will the pandemic have a lasting impact on how US B2Bs allocate ad budgets?
    • How much will US B2Bs spend on display ads this year?
    • How much do US B2Bs spend on LinkedIn display?
    • How much do US B2Bs spend on search ads?
    • What industries drive the most US B2B digital ad spend?
  • How B2B Marketing Leaders Can Keep Their Hard-Earned Seat at the Table
    • How did the pandemic help B2B CMOs secure a seat at the leadership table?
    • What are successful B2B CMOs now responsible for in terms of managing and delivering for their companies?
    • How can B2B CMOs maintain top leadership status and achieve success?
  • Brands Need a Back-to-Basics Approach to Cultivate Better CX
    • How should companies leverage NPS to improve the customer experience (CX) for sustainable business growth?

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