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Key Benefits

Our daily updates are paired with data and analysis from forecasts and research reports to provide you with relevant information needed to plan both your immediate and long-term future. Our Briefings prepare you to start your day informed, to provide critical insights in an important meeting, and to understand the context of what’s happening in your industry.

Insights at an Unmatched Speed

Insider Intelligence Briefings give subscribers detailed insights, such as the decisions and strategies industry professionals are making behind closed doors, at an unmatched speed.

Forecasts, Predictions, and Trends

Our forecasts provide clients with a glance into the upcoming years on market predictions and emerging trends, market changes, and consumer behavior.

Coverage Worldwide

Briefings cover both U.S. and international players, including both incumbent institutions and disruptive startups, across a multitude of industries.

Inside the Briefing

Our team of research analysts curates these daily newsletters to provide context around the latest trends and developments in your specific industry, and help set the foundation for decision-making. A typical Briefing includes:

Executive Summary

These short, bulleted lists provide 1-2 sentence summaries of each Briefing’s analysis. If you only have 30 seconds to skim our Briefing in the morning, the Executive Summary will tell you what you need to know.

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Top Stories

Our research team curates 3-4 of the most significant developments in a given industry and provides detailed contextual information along with meaningful analysis. They also come with data-packed charts that serve as visual snapshots of the story.

Just The Facts

Because we value our clients' time, we break each story down into what happened and what it means for your business so you can digest the key points and get on with operating your work day.

Featured Briefings

The most competitive companies and business leaders across the globe utilize our Briefings to stay up to date on today’s industry news accompanied with our data validation and analysis.

JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and U.S. Bank to share customer deposit records for credit card approvals

A group of around 10 banks, including big players such as JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and U.S. Bank, will begin sharing customers’ deposit account records with each other.

Apple shakes up the digital wallet space with new ID feature

Adding digital IDs may be part of a broader effort to attract users—and spend—by expanding Wallet’s and Apple Pay’s functionalities.

Dogecoin: Here's our take on the opportunities and risks for online brokerage apps

Dogecoin’s popularity presents strong user acquisition opportunities for trading apps, but they’ll need adequate consumer protections in place or risk regulators’ ire.

Even Amazon wants in on the creator economy

Amazon’s interest in creators speaks to how social media and ecommerce companies are reinventing themselves in response to consumer habits and outside competition.

Who are Insider Intelligence Briefings for?

Insider intelligence Briefings are ideal for those in Marketing, Strategy, and Product looking to bring data-driven perspectives to the table and gain a broader understanding of their industry. Business professionals of all levels, however, benefit from the insights each Briefing contains.

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C-Level Executives

C-level execs and senior managers looking to make informed decisions and set their business up for success in the future.

Decision Makers

Professionals looking to enhance their understanding and elevate their internal discussions by presenting and utilizing our data, research, and analysis.


Corporate groups, such as innovation, strategy, analytics, and insights can reference our content to make themselves future-ready in the face of disruptive technologies.

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