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Easily find the right data point to frame a decision or build the ultimate deck with our iconic charts, which leverage our proprietary data and thousands of vetted third-party sources to provide you with quick takeaways on the most important industry trends and topics – all to help inform your strategic decisions for the future of your business.

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What separates Insider Intelligence from other research firms is our commitment to objectivity. We’ve developed a rigorous proprietary data vetting and contextualization process to strip out potential biases and ensure clients’ confidence in our numbers — so that they can make better decisions for their business.

Our Research Team

Our Research team is responsible for collecting, curating, comparing and giving context to data compiled from over 3,000 global sources on a variety of topics. Sources include research firms, audience measurement companies, media agencies, government institutions, and industry associations, among others.

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Our Forecasting Team

Our Forecasting team works with internal researchers, interviewers, and analysts to normalize relevant data within a defined area of analysis. This allows us to generate contextualized estimates that assess the size and direction of a variety of digital topics and metrics. Relied on by marketers and trusted by industry leading companies to craft future strategies, these forward-looking estimates present how digital trends are evolving using credible and unbiased numbers.

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Featured Charts

Our charts are packed with data, showcasing key statistics on the biggest trends and top competitors in your industry, which enables you to gain a competitive edge as you plan against continually changing market forces.

Gen Z is the most skeptical—but the least concerned—about brands’ data privacy practices

Only 39% of Gen Z internet users in the US said they trust brands to keep their data safe, the lowest confidence rate of any generation.

The top health and fitness metrics tracked by US wearable users

The leading metrics among US wearable users are fitness-related: 59% count on these devices to tally their daily steps, and 42% use the tech to track workouts.

Four companies made up more than 95% of digital restaurant sales in 2020

DoorDash outshined its competitors in 2020, making up nearly half of all digital restaurant marketplace sales.

Most US boomers bank online but shy away from mobile wallets

Only 13% of baby boomers in the US have used mobile wallets in the past year, compared with 38% of their millennial counterparts.

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