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Grocery ecommerce is approaching 10% of category retail sales, which means winning at the digital shelf is more critical than ever for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands. To prepare you for the year ahead and beyond, Insider Intelligence has curated The CPG Brand Bundle, a selection of research reports that analyze the industry from multiple perspectives.

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  • Expert Strategies to Boost Growth—and Influence Brick-and-Mortar Retail
    • Which retail media networks should CPG brands focus on?
    • What factors affect retail media ad performance?
    • What are the strategies CPG brands should use to manage the digital shelf?
  • Essential goods will drive growth, but subscription fatigue looms
    • What are the different subscription models offered by retailers, brands, and delivery services?
    • What are the best practices for driving customer loyalty?
    • What product categories are best suited?
  • The market weathers economic turbulence
    • How much will advertisers spend on retail media networks?
    • How resistant is retail media ad spending to market headwinds?
    • Who are the top players?
    • What are their value propositions?
  • Digital Grocery and Beauty Products Will Drive Growth
    • What is the outlook for Amazon’s US ecommerce sales growth in 2022?
    • Which of Amazon’s product categories will grow the fastest in 2022?
    • How do Amazon’s ecommerce sales stack up against the competition?
  • How Inflation and Shifting Consumer Behavior Will Impact Long-Term Growth
    • How will the end of the pandemic, inflation and the recession affect the long-term outlook of the digital grocery market?
  • How Store Brands Fill Product Voids and Boost Margins
    • How are private label brands critical to the success of multibrand retailers in a fragmented market?

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