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US bank technology spending will hit nearly $86 billion in 2022 and grow to almost $112 billion by 2026. To prepare you for the year ahead and beyond, Insider Intelligence has curated The Digital Banking Bundle, a selection of research reports that analyze the industry from multiple perspectives.

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  • Balancing Tension Between Acquisition, Talent, and Technology
    • What’s driving banks’ digital ad spending outlook amid a bounce back and brewing recession?
  • How Challengers Can Create a Lifeline as Funding Dries Up
    • How should neobanks adjust their short- and long-term strategies amid uncertain economic conditions to survive?
  • Opportunities and Risks for Banks in the Age of Rebundling
    • How will super apps change the digital user experience in financial services?
    • How will super apps’ rise change the banking industry’s customer relationships?
    • How can banks of different sizes best monetize the super apps opportunity?
  • Steady Investment to Stave Off Looming Competition
    • Will banks in the US be able to maintain higher tech spending in the face of internal and external pressures?
  • How Going Green Will Help Banks Stay in the Black
    • Why should banks start taking action on sustainability today?
  • Strategies for Meeting the US Open Banking and BaaS Opportunities
    • How do direct-to-consumer fintechs and embedded finance change banking industry dynamics?
    • How do open banking and banking as a service (BaaS) technologies facilitate fintechs and consumer brands?
    • How can financial institutions compete, partner, and thrive?
  • How Top FIs Stack Up on Offering Mobile Account Opening Features
    • What features do consumers value most when opening a new checking account?
    • What features do top banks and neobanks offer at the account opening stage, and how do they stack up against each other in key feature categories?
    • How do banks and neobanks rank based on what account opening features they offer and how valuable those features are to consumers?

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