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Prepare yourself for the next five years of your industry’s growth with our frequently updated industry forecasts. These interactive projections, packed with key data points for the next five years, leverage more than 10,000 proprietary metrics on emerging trends, market changes, and consumer behavior – all so you can develop your future campaigns and strategies.

Insider Intelligence Forecasts

Our analysts predict emerging trends and market progressions for the coming years.

Nearly every industry is undergoing some form of digital transformation. Insider Intelligence clients leverage our predictions and contextual analysis to identify growth opportunities and better plan for industry shifts before they happen.








These interactive projections allow you to visualize data on emerging trends, market changes, and consumer behavior. Develop your business strategy and forecast growth opportunities with key data points on where your market is headed.

Advertising, Media & Marketing

Get a deeper understanding of the issues affecting where and how to place advertising, whether it’s display, mobile, native or programmatic.

Banking and Finance

Discover how branches are being affected by digital transformation and what incumbents can do to compete against tech-savvy startups.

Consumer Technology

From artificial intelligence to contactless interfaces, technology is transforming consumers’ everyday lives. Learn about the future of these trends with our consumer technology forecasts.

Digital Health

Learn which key trends in the healthcare ecosystem are driving digital transformation, and how we can prepare for the new normal. We use reliable resources from healthcare professionals and breakdown digital behavior related to health.

Ecommerce & Retail

Where are consumers spending and what channels are they using to make purchases? We track retail and ecommerce sales, digital shoppers and buyers, as well as who is using mobile, desktop, or smart speakers to make purchases.


Our forecasts provide an understanding of consumer use of smartphone, tablet, and other mobile device usage in the US and around the world. We keep tabs on what users are reading, watching, and listening to, and how they're consuming this content.

Media Usage

We follow what consumers are viewing, watching, reading, scrolling, and listening to. We cover the companies creating media and how they are adapting as consumer behavior shifts.

Compare Countries

Want to compare trends and data of different industries by country? We showcase how digital trends are evolving within countries across the globe.

Industry Insights

Gain a first-hand look into what trends are continuing to impact your industry and how advertisers are spending their money.

Performance Metrics

Our reliable industry benchmarks span seven key digital channels: display, email, mobile, retail & ecommerce, search, social media, and video. Benchmark your performance to establish effective key performance indicators.

Customer Confidence Index

Our data reflects respondent perceptions of the current economic climate, ability to make household purchases, job security, and investment confidence within their country.

Email Marketing Performance Benchmarks, Worldwide

These benchmarks analyze billions of emails to show projected email performance by click rates, open rates, hard and soft bounces, and more.

Retail Ecommerce Performance Benchmarks, US

We show sales and traffic growth for the retail ecommerce industry, helping retailers and brand manufacturers make sense of digital shoppers.

Mobile Ad Performance Benchmarks, Australia

We highlight data of installed app ads served on mobile games, demonstrating the success of ad campaigns conducted on smartphone and tablet devices on iOS, Google Play, and Amazon platforms.

Video Ad Performance Benchmarks, North America

Digital video ad impressions are declining, and our benchmarks highlight where video ads are missing the mark.

Display Ad Performance Benchmarks, North America

Our display ad performance benchmarks represent how digital ads perform by device, size, and country.

Social Media Marketing Performance Benchmarks, North America

See how different social media platforms stack up by ad performance metrics, including CPC, CPM, and CPR.

Sound Methodology

Insider Intelligence forecasts provide a holistic perspective because of our unbiased, multi-source methodology. We analyze over 3,000 sources to minimize the restraints of each research methodology to the lowest degree. Here is our process:


Our forecasting team selects a topic based on market developments, client demand, and data availability, then details the parameters such as audience size, technology, or devices included.


Next, the team works with our researchers, interviewers, and analysts to collect data that can be quantitative or qualitative, gathered from thousands of sources, including research firms, audience measurement companies, industry associations, academic institutions, major media platforms, government issued data and more.


After collecting data, our team normalizes it (or weighs it) based on how well it fits within the defined area of analysis. Heavier weighting is given to sources with more complete data and sound methodology, as well as frequency of reporting. This step is critical as it accounts for inherent differences in sources’ methodologies, inclusions, exclusions, and definitions.

Analyze & Build

Our team then analyzes the data and records trends across numerous related activities and/or spending categories to identify both historical and future growth patterns, as well as properly framing the relationships between our existing and new forecasts.


Next, our forecasters work with researchers and analysts to gather additional feedback on newly completed forecasts through a meticulous internal review process.


Upon approval, forecasted numbers are put into larger context through analysis across our different research formats, press releases, and industry presentations.

Re-evaluate & Update

Upon approval, forecasted numbers are put into larger context thorough analysis across our different research formats, press releases, and industry presentations.

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