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US prescription drug spending will continue to rise through 2026, based on the growing number of people with one or more chronic conditions—which includes adults of all age groups. To prepare you for the year ahead and beyond, Insider Intelligence has curated The Healthcare Bundle, a selection of research reports that analyze the industry from multiple perspectives.

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  • Disruptors or Just Another Delivery Channel?
    • What channels are consumers using to buy prescription drugs, and how have those changed in recent years?
    • What are the challenges and digital opportunities for online pharmacies to appeal to consumers?
    • Who is poised to win in the face of economic uncertainty?
  • How Technology Helps and Hinders Physicians
    • What digital tools do physicians use in their personal and professional lives?
    • How has the pandemic changed physicians’ workflow?
    • What technologies could change the trajectory of physician shortages and burnout?
  • How Digital Therapies Can Help Reimagine Care and Treatment
    • How has the pandemic advanced DTx?
    • Why should payers, employers, providers, and drug developers want to invest in DTx now?
    • What must happen next for DTx tools to become key components of how diseases are managed and treated?
  • How COVID-19 Changed Their Attitudes and Behaviors
    • How did the coronavirus pandemic affect baby boomers?
    • What digital habits changed among boomers due to the pandemic?
    • How can insurers, providers and marketers meet baby boomers where they are?
  • What Consumers Really Want from a Hybrid Delivery System
    • Who is most likely to continue using telehealth services, and for what purposes?
    • What features do consumers value most, and least, from telehealth providers?
    • How should healthcare providers, insurers, and vendors adapt to this hybrid model of care delivery?
  • Why Providers Must Enrich the Patient Financial Experience
    • How can healthcare providers modernize their payment infrastructures to increase revenues and meet new consumer demands?

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