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Quality Data = Quality Decisions

Leverage benchmarks for optimized budget planning, justification, and success.

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Insider Intelligence Industry KPIs

Why Industry KPIs

Guide your budgeting and planning process amid macroeconomic turmoil

Third-party validation of industry trends, consumer behavior, and channel performance

Justify your investments

Benchmark your performance

30+ data sources contribute to Industry KPIs.

Save countless hours currently spent curating and vetting KPIs and get right to benchmarking your performance against industry standards.

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What you get

Access to more than 275+ key metrics across Marketing, Retail, and Ecommerce (Financial Services coming in 2023)

Metrics segmented by geography, category, and platform to provide the most relevant data for you

KPIs based on actual performance data, rather than user input via surveys

The ability to search for specific KPIs, view tables, and download all underlying data

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Use Cases

Planning new campaigns

Stay on top of new data that comes out and provide this to marketing teams to help with business strategy and benchmarking.

Identifying new opportunities

Plan and measure new strategic opportunities for future growth, and look for new channels and platforms that can enhance overall performance.

Pitching new business

Showcase how your solution compares to industry averages and how it can help your clients get ahead.

Tracking overall performance

Gain greater insight on where your company excels as compared to industry averages, so that you can speak about the benefits of working with you.

Measuring campaign performance

Leverage Industry KPIs to inform high-level decisions on which campaigns to run and evaluate the effectiveness of those campaigns.

Evaluating vendor performance

Gather data to confirm your team selected the best vendor for the job and that money is being spent wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What topics does Industry KPIs cover?

Currently, Industry KPIs covers Marketing, Retail, and Ecommerce. You can learn more about the available topics here. We plan to expand into our other core coverage areas in the future.

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Where do you source your Industry KPIs data?

More than 30 Data Sources contribute to Industry KPIs, and each undergoes a strict vetting process before we include them in our data sets. You can learn more about our methodology and sources here.

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What are the key benefits of this product?

Industry KPIs allows you to gain insight into how your company stacks up against industry peers, pinpoint performance gaps, and identify, plan, and measure new strategic opportunities for future growth.

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Who benefits from Industry KPIs?

Channel owners, media planners and buyers, analytics teams, strategy and product marketing teams, and senior-level executives are just a handful of groups who can leverage Industry KPIs to understand their company’s standing among their peers.

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