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Retail ecommerce spending in Latin America has begun to decelerate in 2022 after two years of record growth, but 2023 will be a critical year. To prepare you for the year ahead and beyond, Insider Intelligence has curated The LATAM Bundle, a selection of research reports that analyze the industry from multiple perspectives.

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  • The Pandemic Boom Subsides, but Double-Digit Growth Persists Through Turmoil
    • How will economic conditions affect retail spending in Latin America?
    • In which countries are retail ecommerce and mcommerce sales growing the fastest?
    • What do these trends mean for retailers in Latin America?
  • 4 Key Figures and Trends for the Year Ahead
    • What is the outlook for total media, digital, and mobile ad spending?
    • Which formats are driving growth across the region?
    • What do these trends mean for advertisers?
  • Double-Digit Gains in Digital Advertising and Retail Ecommerce Sales Spark New Opportunities for Brand Marketers
    • How big is the retail media opportunity?
    • Who are the leading retail media players in the region?
    • What are the opportunities for brands looking to grow their presence on retailers’ media networks in Latin America?
  • TikTok Takes Flight as Other Platforms Fight to Win New Users
    • How many people use social networks, and which countries are fueling growth?
    • What are the biggest trends in social platform usage?
    • What do these trends mean for marketers in Latin America?
  • Sales Growth Slows amid a More Challenging Macroeconomic Environment
    • How did retail ecommerce sales fare among Latin America’s most prominent players in 2021?
    • How did a return to in-store shopping affect these retailers?
    • What do these trends mean for retail professionals this year?
  • 10 Product Categories Will Push Retail Ecommerce Sales to Over $50 Billion
    • What is the outlook for retail ecommerce sales at the product category level in Brazil?
  • 10 Product Categories Will Propel Retail Ecommerce Sales to Nearly 2 Trillion Pesos
    • What is the outlook for retail ecommerce sales at the product category level in Argentina?

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